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About Grizzly Hulls

If you're looking for a highly efficient fishing vessel that's built for rough seas, and smooth steaming, look no further! Our hulls are produced with more materials than ever, thicker construction and better finish.

Each hull is built with precision and care, from start to finish. The West Head Boat Builders team works steadily to monitor all stages of the construction to provide exceptional quality control.

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Size & Appearance Matters

With a variety of sizes available, we have the ability to produce deeper keels and wider bows, larger than ever before. Our hulls are flexible by size, and we're also proud to offer an extensive list of colour options. If you've got a specific colour in mind, we'll produce it!


We now make the Grizzly Hull. Available in lengths from 39' to 65' and widths from 24' to 34'

Wider & Deeper
Than Ever

Flexible keel & bow sizes


Custom Colour Options

Choose from a huge selection

Our Quality Guarantee

West Head Boatbuilders Ltd was established in 2016 by owner Andrew Newell, with the first boat being built by Andrew and his crew in the parking lot in front of the current boat shop location. It was a great summer for building a boat outside as the rain held off, and the sun shone day after day! The first structure that was erected to construct new boats inside was completed November of 2016. West Head Boatbuilders expanded to two boat shop buildings in the summer of 2017.

Currently, the business of building boats for our customers is managed by Dana Stewart who has been in the trade of building Cape Islander-style boats for at least 25 years! His skill in motivating and managing our crew is evident in the final production of these amazing lobster and fishing boats. West Head Boatbuilders Ltd believes in offering strong competitive wages to its workers and an inviting and productive work environment. Please contact us anytime to learn more about what we do at West Head Boatbuilders Ltd.

Bring your fishing dreams to life.

Tell us your vision and let's chat today.

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